Authentic Communication T-Groups

The benefit of Authentic Communication is building leadership and interpersonal effectiveness. For our Authenticity Training we utilizes T-group methodology, a transformative, highly experiential way of learning.

Authentic Communication workshops enable and empower a spirit of mutual trust between participants, and in the safety of this trust, participants have the freedom to discover and express their true feelings, from the most positive to the most negative. Participants are trained to receive, accept, and fully acknowledge each others’ feelings with compassion, understanding, and respect, and to provide honest feedback. Through this guided process of giving and receiving, a deep comradery emerges within the group. As a result of this process and comradery, each member moves toward greater acceptance of his or her total being, the first step toward masterful communication.

How It Works

  • The T-Group Facilitator enables the process to occur gracefully, while empowering each participant to take full responsibility for both his or her personal growth as well as the success of the entire group
  • The facilitator guides the group towards a psychological climate of safety in which the defensiveness is reduced, and the freedom to communicate authentically occurs progressively
  • Central to the process is learning how to communicate in a more direct and honest way by staying with feelings and reactions. This is a move away from masks and roles, and towards authentic self-expression
  • Authentic self-expression is the ability to recognize and accept the truth within yourself and others and to communicate that truth honestly, responsibly and lovingly
  • Authentic self-expression is necessary for you to be who you really are —strong, grounded, willing and able to serve
  • Through authentic self-expression it becomes possible for people to connect through both their similarities and their differences, and to recognize and communicate what is beneath these similarities and differences

Benefits of Authentic Communication

  • Collective healing occurs through group love and acceptance
  • Participants experience a process of self-discovery for self-awareness evoked by managed confrontation
  • Participants explore and express both positive and negative feelings and discover what is meaningful about those feelings
  • Participants give and receive honest feedback and get the benefit of group consensus
  • Participants become present to what is “Here” and “Now”
  • Participants learn to “trust” themselves and others in the group, letting go of fear based behavior, and progressively emerge from protective ”facades”
  • Participants gain an increased awareness and discernment of how authentic self-expression “feels,” and how authentic self-expression from others “feels”
  • Participants transform through honest self-acceptance, and this becomes a foundation for lasting self-improvement

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