What is Emotion Code

The Emotion Code™ developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson is a powerful and simple way to identify and release trapped emotions, thereby eliminating “emotional baggage” and allowing you to open your heart and body to positive energies.

Dr. Nelson states that the average person has over three hundred trapped emotions and each one can cause imbalances in organs, glands, muscles, mental state, immune system, and more. Trapped emotions can also block you from experiencing love and happiness, making you feel disconnected from others.

How Emotion Code Sessions Work

Everything is energy and has a vibration. And trapped emotional energy can cause the body to vibrate at a lower, more reactive frequency. That stuck emotion will easily come up in certain situations — for example, repeating destructive patterns, or reacting to a certain person in a particular negative way. These situations can block proper energy flow in the body.

The subconscious mind is an all-knowing computer programmed for ultimate health and happiness. As a Certified Emotion Code Practitional, I use muscle testing and specific questioning to follow guidance from your subconscious mind, thereby identifying blocked energies and locations of trapped emotions.

Once trapped emotions are identified, a therapeutic magnet can be used on the meridian of the body that governs the area of the blockage in order to release it. Metaphorically speaking, this process is similar to using a magnet to scramble the electronic code on a physical object such as a credit card or a data disc.

Through this electromagnetic release process, the blocked emotional energy is permanently erased. The effects are both immediate and long lasting. Releasing trapped emotions restores balance and thereby enhances your body’s innate ability to heal and respond more consciously to daily stressors.


How will I feel?

Most people report a “softer” or “lighter” feeling, with a sense of peace. This can be experienced immediately or as a delayed response.

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